Editor’s Letter: December 2013


It has been quiet over here, hasn’t it?  Let’s catch up and talk about future directions.  Artlux was born almost two months ago and is undergoing so much growth already.  Most of this has been happening behind the scenes and has built up to what is a refined vision for the magazine.  This weekend will be spent implementing the ideas and designs that have been brewing over the past few weeks.  Here’s what you can expect starting Monday, December 9:

  • An updated version of the site
  • Regularly posted articles in all main categories
  • New categories: Interviews, Giveaways, Freebies, Tutorials, and more
  • More updates on existing social media platforms and new ones
  • Interesting Friday links to peruse throughout the weekend
  • An Editor’s Letter every month to communicate our vision and status
  • Sneak peeks at more exciting things we’re launching in January 2014!

We’ve received some really great and useful feedback about Artlux and we’re working to enhance and improve current content as well as bring in new things to the mix, including what it means to be creative in addition to art and contemporary life.  Thank you for the support and patience with this new endeavor thus.  Let us know your thoughts, comments, feedback anytime – we listen!  We hope to see you here on Monday – until then, enjoy the weekend!

Looking forward,


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