Weekend Links 1.9.15


Weekend Links is back!

1.  Make your own year in review with Warby Parker’s fun annual report generator

2.  Explore New York City’s art history with an interactive map – not as detailed as it could be but interesting to see it all plotted out

3.  8-bit graphics paired with witty and wise text – something about its aesthetic and choice of words feels comforting

4.  Internet Archive has hundreds of arcade games from the 70s to 90s that can be played in a browser

5.  Want a pen pal you can send paintings to?  The creators of The Sketchbook Project have put together The Pen Pal Painting Exchange

6.  A 1958 short video about how Kodak film was made

Weekend Links 12.26.14


The end of the year is drawing near and that means the last Weekend Links post for 2014!  Here are some reads to enjoy through the last weekend of the year.  Happy Friday!

1.  How to Pay Attention: 20 Ways to Win the War Against Seeing

2.  Austin Kleon’s shares 3 ways to support an artist you love

3. After Ferguson, A New Protest Culture’s Challenge To Art – there is so much to say about this area in art and culture

4.  Are GIFs Art? – a discussion on the medium in a museum setting

5.  Wanderers – a short film about space exploration narrated by Carl Sagan

6.  Museum of Endangered Sounds – in case you miss the sounds of AOL IM signing in, the time lady, and dial-up internet

Weekend Links 5.30.14

In honor of Artlux being back this weekend, here are not 6 but 9 links to pump you up to get more creative.  I certainly feel pumped myself coming up with so many ideas and working on them one step at a time.  Enjoy the weekend!

1.  YIKÁÍSDÁHÁ is the Navajo word for the Milky Way and the name of this short film about it – watch it in awe

2.  5 classic books that have inspired the realms from creativity to entrepreneurship (partial to The Power of Myth)

3.  Act on your passion with these creativity exercises

4.  Maya Angelou’s creative process – I like her style

5.  3 simple ways to foster creative thinking

6.  Take a break – you might get a eureka moment

7.  Ideo’s David Kelley talks about how to cultivate creativity in businesses

8.  No baby, if you’re going to create… – Bukowski on ideal conditions/myth of creativity (illustrated!)

9.  For those who have graduated, 10 Ted Talks with some great insight on what’s next

Weekend Links


Taking a “Think Week” sounds great right about now.  Learn about what it’s all about, as well as creative apps and messy desks, below:

1.  Why You Need a “Think Week” Like Bill Gates

2.  Famous Modern Artists’ Work Transformed Into Stunning Architecture

3.  Learning to Think Outside the Box: Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline

4.  App Smart: Creativity – three apps that can help with the creative thinking process

5.  Why Creative Geniuses Often Keep a Messy Desk

6.  Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Crucial Difference Between Success and Mastery

Weekend Links


This week we have links on making things to meet people, a manifesto, a way to break creative blocks, and more:

1.  To Resolve Project – resolutions as iPhone backgrounds.  You can even submit your own design/resolution.

2.  Want to Meet More People?  Make Things. – “People remember tangibles, not ideas.”

3.  First Things First Manifesto – a renewal of Ken Garland‘s essential manifesto for designers, developers and technologists, working for the betterment of humankind.

4.  Island Hill House Artist Residency – 2 to 4 week emerging artist residencies in a cabin in East Jordan, Michigan.

5.  Oblique Strategies – Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s cards made to help artists break creative blocks in the form of an app.

6.  How to Manage the Chaos of Creativity – and promote creativty in a company culture.

Weekend Links


Here are some links about ads replaced with art, the creative mindset, and focusing on process:

1. Paris Street Artist Replaces Advertisements With Classic Works of Art

2. Advice from Artists on How to Overcome Creative Block, Handle Criticism, and Nurture Your Sense of Self-Worth

3. 18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

4. The secret to creativity, intelligence and scientific thinking: Being able to make connections

5.  The Playfulness of Invention

6. Think Process, Not Product


Weekend Links


If you caught yesterday’s post about freeing your mind by automating and outsourcing unimportant tasks, you might be looking for even more resources to build your creative habits.  From 10 rituals to 10 ways to share, you’re covered for creativity this week with these links.

1.  10 Creative Rituals You Should Steal

2.  The 10 Stages of the Creative Process

3.  Where the Fish Swim, Ideas Fly

4.  Writing the Lake Shore Limited [Amtrak writer’s residencies]

5.  How Creativity Works

6.  10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

Weekend Links


Friday is here again!  If you’re looking for inspiration and advice on creativity, here are some more weekend links.  Next week a couple of new features will be introduced, namely a music playlist.  Until then, keep the creative energy going!

1.  The Art of Famous Book Covers

2.  Artists We Love React to Spike Jonze’s Her 

3.  The Postcard is a Public Work of Art

4.  In Praise of the Creative Support

5.  The Secret Phrase That Sparks Creative Solutions

6.  Animated Classical Paintings

Weekend Links


Are you ready for a three day weekend?  Even if you’re not, here are some links to explore throught out the weekend while we come back on Monday.  In the meantime, we’ll be on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.  As always, stay creative!

1.  10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People

2.  Breathing In vs. Spacing Out

3.  Take Four Minutes to Reflect on Your Place in the Cosmos

4.  Expensive Cities are Killing Creativity

5.  Jay Shell’s “Rap Quotes” project hits L.A. (NYC Edition here)

6.  Alain de Botton Shows How Art Can Answers Life’s Big Questions in Art as Therapy