Celestial Conversations

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 5.07.41 PM
All images via NASA

Over the past week I’ve talked to two strangers about astronomy in depth.  This typically does not happen because the ever expanding universe is not quite the lightest of topics despite being fascinating.  I might casually tell a friend about a stargazing event or proclaim Saturn as my favorite planet if I can work it in a conversation somehow.  That I was able to talk to two people on separate but consecutive nights about celestial objects openly and with mutual excitement felt like a contribution to the universe.  With the blood moon and lunar eclipse just passing I felt it to be appropriate to start off Artlux with a topic that I believe expands the mind and is a major inspiration in my art and world view.

solar flare
When one realizes the size of stars, planets, galaxies and our respective human body size it can cause a feeling of insignificance.  On the contrary, being a part of an ever expanding universe is, to me, empowering.  We are a part of it, after all.

There is a post in the making about stargazing and creativity where my astronomy enthusiast self will be present in full force.  When I’m not stargazing the way I get my fix is through NASA’s Instagram feed.  I think Saturn is their favorite planet, too.

NASA has made great use of their Instagram account by posting breathtaking photos of cosmic objects, from black holes to solar flares, and even astronauts in action. Each image is paired with a detailed description to enhance your knowledge of outer space exploration.  Leave it to NASA to make Instagram an educational tool.

I have a feeling more celestial conversations are in my future.  With that, I must ask: are you interested in astronomy and/or have a favorite planet?  Please share if so.