Editor’s Letter: May 2014

Yes, it’s true.  After a two month hiatus Artlux is back!  The time away gave me much to reflect on and to think about what direction to take this space and endeavor in.  I’ve learned a lot about capacity, focus, and energy since the last post was made and then the moment came when it was time to bring it all back.  Before that I wanted to make sure what Artlux is doing was more defined.  So I determined that what it will focus on is creativity’s role in society, supporting others to be creative, and experimenting with creativity.  This is what will be a part of the next iteration of this space, including interviews, toolkits, tutorials, and other exciting things!

I’m currently working on the next update for the website and structure of Artlux, which will be ready by the end of June/early July.   In the meantime new content will be posted a few times a week until the regular rhythm is figured out.  That said, watch out for some weekend links later today for some great reads.

Till then,


Editor’s Letter: February 2014


Hey there, just wanted to check in with a quick note and talk about Artlux.  We’re continuing to work on site improvements and new content, most of which will take place in March.  In the meantime, there will be posts this week for a recap on a webinar about freeing your creative mind, the first of a monthly music playlist, and more weekend links.  We’re also going to be using our Tumblr page as way to document our process and progress and continue to post art from other sites and blogs.

We’re excited about the upcoming updates and growth for Artlux.  Until tomorrow…


Editor’s Letter: January 2014


The start of the year for Artlux has already presented many opportunities and with those some challenges have also appeared.  This is a relatively new venture that is taking shape and has much room to grow.  We’re in an exploratory space right now where things are tried and some of them work while others don’t and sometimes even cause delays in providing content for those who are supporting us.  In other words, we’re still figuring things out but the path Artlux is taking is starting to be navigated with less and less detours.

At the moment, a site redesign is in the works and will be unveiled this week.  We also started our first giveaway last week with hopes of growing our readership and giving something to devout visitors.  This is the start of a monthly giveaway that will coincide with a relevant article.  The rest of January will bring even more things: another post in Travelogue, the first of a music playlist (also every month), a special piece of literature, an expansion in ways to connect with readers, and other new features.  One aspect we’d like to look into further is how Artlux can be more creative – that is, after all, something we focus on writing about.

As always, thank you to those who have supported us since we began in October of 2013.  We hope to and will work hard to reach and maintain more readers in the Artlux community.  Let’s keep on navigating this not-yet-defined creative territory!

Always exploring,


Editor’s Letter: December 2013


It has been quiet over here, hasn’t it?  Let’s catch up and talk about future directions.  Artlux was born almost two months ago and is undergoing so much growth already.  Most of this has been happening behind the scenes and has built up to what is a refined vision for the magazine.  This weekend will be spent implementing the ideas and designs that have been brewing over the past few weeks.  Here’s what you can expect starting Monday, December 9:

  • An updated version of the site
  • Regularly posted articles in all main categories
  • New categories: Interviews, Giveaways, Freebies, Tutorials, and more
  • More updates on existing social media platforms and new ones
  • Interesting Friday links to peruse throughout the weekend
  • An Editor’s Letter every month to communicate our vision and status
  • Sneak peeks at more exciting things we’re launching in January 2014!

We’ve received some really great and useful feedback about Artlux and we’re working to enhance and improve current content as well as bring in new things to the mix, including what it means to be creative in addition to art and contemporary life.  Thank you for the support and patience with this new endeavor thus.  Let us know your thoughts, comments, feedback anytime – we listen!  We hope to see you here on Monday – until then, enjoy the weekend!

Looking forward,