Weekend Links 1.9.15


Weekend Links is back!

1.  Make your own year in review with Warby Parker’s fun annual report generator

2.  Explore New York City’s art history with an interactive map – not as detailed as it could be but interesting to see it all plotted out

3.  8-bit graphics paired with witty and wise text – something about its aesthetic and choice of words feels comforting

4.  Internet Archive has hundreds of arcade games from the 70s to 90s that can be played in a browser

5.  Want a pen pal you can send paintings to?  The creators of The Sketchbook Project have put together The Pen Pal Painting Exchange

6.  A 1958 short video about how Kodak film was made

The Stories of Parents Lost to AIDS Recollected and Shared

The Recollectors

Storytelling has the power to recall memories, to heal, to preserve history, and to keep the conversation alive.  Whitney Joiner and Alysia Abbott have created a community for those who have lost parents to AIDS and want to share their story called The Recollectors.  While both Joiner and Abbott lost their fathers to AIDS it was under different circumstances, yet they were able to relate to each other’s experiences.

The Recollectors has become a platform for others to join in by sharing their stories in the form of oral histories, essays, interviews, and excerpts.  There are currently 9 recollections that truly express the variations of what it’s like to have a parent with AIDS that go beyond the stigmas associated with the disease and the people that live with it.  There is a vulnerability that comes with the storytellers but it is in a way that encourages openness, healing, and love.

2015 is Here

Happy New Year 2015!

May the year 2015 bring amazing things!  Artlux is working on some updates and will be back next week.  See you then!